Outbound tourism from Xinjiang (900 English phrases for international travel)



In recent years, outbound tourism from Xinjiang has gained significant popularity among travelers. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the topic, focusing on the 900 English phrases for international travel in Xinjiang. The following sections will define and categorize the phrases, provide examples, and make comparisons to enhance understanding.


The 900 English phrases for international travel in Xinjiang refer to a set of commonly used expressions and sentences that are helpful for tourists from Xinjiang who are traveling abroad. These phrases cover a wide range of topics such as greetings, directions, accommodations, ordering food, and shopping, among others.


To better understand the 900 English phrases, they can be classified into several categories. These include basic greetings, transportation, accommodations, dining, shopping, emergencies, and cultural experiences. Each category contains a variety of phrases that cater to specific situations encountered during international travel.


1. Basic greetings

- "Hello, how are you?" to initiate a conversation with locals.

- "Thank you" to show appreciation for assistance received.

- "Excuse me, do you speak English?" to inquire about someone's language skills.

2. Transportation

- "Where is the nearest train station?" to seek directions.

- "How much is a taxi to the airport?" to inquire about fares.

- "Is there a bus that goes to the city center?" to ask about available public transportation.

3. Accommodations

- "Do you have any available rooms for tonight?" to inquire about room availability.

- "What time is check-in/check-out?" to confirm timing.

- "Can you recommend any local attractions?" to seek suggestions for sightseeing.

4. Dining

- "Do you have a menu in English?" to request an English menu.

- "I would like to order the local specialty" to try regional cuisine.

- "Is the dish spicy?" to inquire about the level of spiciness.

5. Shopping

- "How much does this cost?" to ask about the price.

- "Do you have this in a different color/size?" to inquire about available options.

- "Can I get a discount?" to negotiate the price.

6. Emergencies

- "I need a doctor" to seek medical assistance.

- "My passport has been lost/stolen" to report a lost document.

- "Can you help me contact the embassy?" to seek consular assistance.

7. Cultural experiences

- "Could you teach me a few local phrases?" to learn the local language.

- "What is the traditional attire of this region?" to inquire about traditional clothing.

- "Are there any festivals happening during my visit?" to learn about local celebrations.


When compared to other regions, Xinjiang offers unique phrases that reflect its distinct culture and traditions. The 900 English phrases for international travel in Xinjiang emphasize the importance of understanding and respecting the local customs, which can enhance the overall travel experience.


In conclusion, the 900 English phrases for international travel in Xinjiang provide tourists from Xinjiang with a valuable resource to navigate through various situations while traveling abroad. It is crucial to familiarize oneself with these phrases to ensure effective communication and a more enjoyable travel experience. By utilizing these phrases, travelers can immerse themselves in different cultures, create meaningful connections, and make the most of their international travel experience from Xinjiang.





1. Can you recommend a good hotel in this area?(您能推荐一家好的酒店吗?)

2. How far is the airport from the city center?(机场离市中心有多远?)

3. Are there any special customs or traditions I should be aware of?(有什么特别的风俗习惯我需要知道吗?)



1. How much is a one-way ticket to the city center?(一张到市中心的单程票多少钱?)

2. Which bus should I take to get to the train station?(我应该乘坐哪路公交车到火车站?)

3. Is there a taxi rank nearby?(附近有出租车站吗?)



1. Can I see the menu, please?(请给我看一下菜单?)

2. What is the specialty of this restaurant?(这家餐厅的特色菜是什么?)

3. Do you have any vegetarian options?(你们有素食选项吗?)



1. How much does this cost?(这个多少钱?)

2. Do you accept credit cards?(你们接受信用卡吗?)

3. Can I try this on?(我可以试穿一下吗?)